Selling Houses In Europe

The process of selling a house in Europe is not regulated by any specific UN passed law. The steps are the same in every country, starting with finding a buyer and ending with agreeing on a price then signing the proper documentation for transferring the deed.

In countries that benefit from booming construction projects some of the transactions are made without involvement from any real estate agency, conveyancer or other third parties. If properties are in big supply, it is easy to find buyers. However, even if no laws happen to impose specific rules on how this transaction should be conducted, the common sense rules are the same in every country.


Having the house you intend to sell evaluated by an expert is something that will eventually be done by the buyer if you are not interested in paying the fees. Risk assessments will also be usually required by any person with intent to purchase.

Considering the economy being as it is today, very few people will choose to buy any kind of property without being informed in detail in advance. If you don’t consider using a real estate agent, there will be more room for price negotiation before drawing up the final transfer contract. However, there will also be no guarantee of that eventually the buyer will not back down from the deal.

In countries that have a strong economy housing can be in high demand but low supply. A good example for this is the UK, as they do not benefit from a strong construction plan; the high demand leads to some of the highest prices on the European market.

Other countries that still hold their own currency and have not yet switched to the Euro are good places to invest in, buying and reselling properties for a profit. Since there are also plenty of rich people with money to spend countries with high prices are also subjected to target from investors. In the UK some citizens have been raising some questions as they are not pleased with the ease that rich foreigners can buy property and land in their country.

When real estate agencies are not involved, you may sometimes still find yourself contacted by them. Some, after seeing your add and realizing that your are trying to sell a house on your own, will attempt to use that advert in an attempt to find a buyer. After one is found a certain percentage is set as fee and then an agent will probably call and say that you are in luck because they just found you a buyer and are willing to start making arrangements if you agree to a fee. Sharks and cons are part of selling property all over the world, which is why places like Scotland offer under regulation, very safe ways to conduct these transactions.

It is worth remembering that there are other costs involved with moving countries like removal company costs, taxation and visas. Cover all bases before you leave!