Packing Tips on Moving House

ImageMaking a list

It is best to put in writing everything down and you will be grateful later. Prior to packing even a single box, generate a straightforward record keeping method. Craft a computer-printed list with spaces to write down box contents. Even a simple notebook will do the job. Give a number to each box that is packed and list down all contents of your notebook or computer sheet. Pack your list in an accessible place to locate when you get to the new house.


Have enough supplies

You will require many boxes, probably even more than you may think. Having sufficient boxes will make it easier to move. Have about enough boxes to make use of on the moving day, like clothing, bedding, cleaning supplies and other loose items. You’ll require tough packing tape to secure the boxes. Make use of unprinted newsprint or packing paper to wrap or cushion your household good. Remember, newspaper could stain the items.


Use wardrobe boxes

These large boxes are ideal for those bulky, lightweight items like pillows, comforters and blankets, plus clothes that have to remain hanging. Call up your mover to inquire about the width of their wardrobe boxes that they will be bring along. Measure or estimate the clothes in all your closets to have a feel of how many of these wardrobe boxes you may need. You could also use these for closet storage boxes and shoe boxes. Remember not make these boxes too heavy to lift or they could even give way at the bottom.


Manage wardrobe box use

Most house moving firms will be glad to deliver boxes in advance of your moving day. If you’re doing the house moving yourself, get things planned as early as is possible. A couple days before the move, fill some strong shopping bags with some of those bulky closet items like shoes, jeans, sweaters and belts. On the moving day, fill up the wardrobe boxes bottom with some of these shopping bags, and then put in your hanging clothing items. Pack the hanging items compactly so that things will not move around the box and fall off of their hangers. Lastly, cover the clothes shoulders then add a few sweaters etc on top. This way, you will end up having fewer boxes and the closet items will remain together. Additionally, the shopping bags make it much easier to retrieve the belongings from the tall wardrobe box bottoms.


Colour coordinate

Select a colour to use for every room in your new residence, for example, orange for dining room, etc. Apply some coloured stickers mostly on each box and near box number you gave it. Then in the new home, make sure you put a coloured sticker matching the same on the door to each room. By so doing, the house movers will be made to know specifically where to place everything once they arrive at the new destination.

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